Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 2: Viking Hot Chocolate

Viking Brewing Hot Chocolate labelFor Day 2, I wanted to pick something a little different, something with a nod towards the Midwest where the snow and cold have hit (though it’s unseasonably warm here in Central Oregon!). So today’s beer is Hot Chocolate, from Viking Brewing Company in Wisconsin.

This is a beer which definitely fits the bill for "different":

Hot Chocolate is a Chocolate Stout brewed with lots of Fair Trade organic cocoa & cayenne pepper. A real soft beer with light roasty flavors with good dark chocolate, & coffee notes and a nice, spicy, peppery finish.

Yes, you read that right: chocolate and cayenne pepper. Intrigued? I know I am.

BeerAdvocate grade: C+. RateBeer score: 2.97/5, 40th percentile.