Advent Beer Calendar 2007: Day 17: Weihnachts Engel

Weihnachts EngelI wanted to include at least one German beer on the list this year, so today I’m going with the elusive Weihnacts Engel, from Crailsheimer Engel-Bräu. I say "elusive" because although this appears to be their flagship beer, it’s not listed on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer only has 19 reviews online.

"Weihnachts Engel" loosely translated means "Christmas Angel" in English. This beer is an Oktoberfest style of lager, at 5.5% alcohol—not a heavyweight but a nice session beer to enjoy for the holidays.

BeerAdvocate score: none. RateBeer score: 2.49/5, 18th percentile (only 19 reviews).