Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 8: Scaldis Noël

Scaldis NoëlScaldis Noël is known in Belgium proper as Bush de Noël. Brewed by Brasserie Dubuisson, this beer is an astounding 12% alcohol. It’s a limited edition beer, and the site says,

This is a sweet beer with a pleasant flavour of hops. Indeed, for Bush de Noël, the brewer uses a traditional process which consists in placing hops flowers in the vats where the beer rests for four to six weeks by which time it will have reached full maturity, giving it a very distinctive taste.

Expect a warming, sweet, fruity beer with lots of character and nuance. A good beer to sip with Christmas dessert or a rich, spicy fruitcake.

BeerAdvocate score: 87/100, 98% approval. This would definitely be a winner to find under the tree!