Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 10: Père Noël

De Ranke Père NoëlToday’s pick is Père Noël from Brouwerij De Ranke in Belgium. There’s not much on their website, but I found this description on Liquid Solutions:

Cloudy and light orange in color with a big persistent head. Spicy, grassy aroma. Sweet malt flavor with some peppery spiciness. Finishes with a fruity, citricy flavor. It has a great hop profile especially for a Belgian. This is one tasty Belgian beer, well worth the price.

Get a load of that packaging, too. Pre-wrapped to be put under the tree!

BeerAdvocate scores it at 87/100, with 92% of reviews approving. Many reviews mention nice fruit flavors and a (very) dry finish.