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Advent Beer Calendar 2011: Day 19: Abita Christmas Ale

Today’s beer pick comes from the oldest brewery in the American southeast: Abita Christmas Ale from Abita Brewing. Founded in 1986, Abita is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and is Louisiana’s premier craft brewery, located 30 miles north of New Orleans.

Their Christmas Ale is a 5.5% abv holiday treat with a piney hoppy character that calls to mind the family Christmas tree—that is to say, rather than the “traditional” spiciness that many brewers complement their holiday beers with, Abita brews a hop-forward ale.

Generally, this beer is a dark ale, however, the recipe changes each year, offering a unique product crafted with special care. Enjoy your holidays with Abita Christmas Ale. The spicy character is excellent with traditional holiday foods such as gingerbread or spiced nuts. Try some Blue cheese or a creamy Camembert with a Christmas Ale.

The only thing I’d like to see added to such a Christmas beer is pecans, though Abita already has that covered with their Pecan Ale. If you’re feeling adventurous, try blending half Christmas Ale, half Pecan Ale for that additional nutty kick.

Untappd. Facebook. BeerAdvocate: 78/100. RateBeer: 2.84/5, 34th percentile.