Advent Beer Calendar 2010: Day 23: Figgy Pudding

Block 15 Figgy PuddingToday is my birthday, and as such the other tradition I’ve attached to this Advent Calendar (the first being the selection of Anchor Christmas Ale each year) is that I pick an entirely indulgent, not-necessarily-holiday beer for today’s selection—sort of a “vanity” pick for a big delicious beer that I would love to drink. This year I’ve selected a beer that is an appropriate holiday selection as well: Block 15 Brewery‘s Figgy Pudding.

I’ve been thinking about this beer ever since I read Jeff’s post about it and Block 15’s own blog post describing it; it’s the Corvallis-based brewpub’s first bottled beer release, which they are calling an “Old Ale” but is probably more of a Barleywine:

Inspired by a 16th century English Christmas cake our Figgy Pudding is brewed with English Pale & Specialty malts & molasses and fermented with London ale yeast. After fermentation we matured Figgy Pudding in brandy barrels before conditioning with mission figs, Ceylon cinnamon and nutmeg; our idea of the perfect Holiday ale. At 11% alc/vol, Figgy Pudding is the perfect beer to age in your cellar and break out for special occasions.

Jeff’s initial tasting review sold it; the New School review panel cemented it with high marks all around. (Ezra also had an interview with brewer Nick Arnzer detailing the making of the beer.) This sounds like an amazing holiday beer that I hope makes a return appearance next year—and one I may very well drive to Corvallis just to get a few bottles.

BeerAdvocate: A-. RateBeer: 4/5.