Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 24: DeuS & Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale

DeuSThis final day’s selection comes from Pete Brown, author of Man Walks Into a Pub, Three Sheets to the Wind and Hops and Glory, and the newly-minted British Guild of Beer Writers Beer Writer of the Year. Pete was kind enough to send two beers for his Christmas picks, which seems entirely fitting. Merry Christmas!

Young's Christmas Pudding AleThis is really bad of me but my favourite Christmas beer is not technically a Christmas beer at all. I cook Christmas dinner every year and I always serve it with a bottle of DeuS. When I’ve tried it at tastings on its own it’s a little bit too full-on once you’ve built it up as a champagne beer. But with turkey and all the trimmings to balance it, it’s just like champagne only much, much better, and always makes Christmas feel a bit more special.

I follow this with Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale. Look, it’s not clever – serving a beer that actually tastes of Christmas pudding with Christmas pudding is not going to win any prizes for shrewd beer and food pairing. But no one wants to be clever or shrewd on Christmas day. It works. It’s lovely. Beer that tastes of cinnamon and marzipan and dried fruit. Willie Wonka would have been proud.

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  1. Speaking of champagne, has anybody else noticed what a bargain some of the Spanish Cavas are in comparison to Champagnes and Sparkling Wines?

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