Additional Pumpkin Beer Week shout outs

Whoops! I forgot to mention two other brewers who had sent me beer in response to my request for pumpkin beer samples—the reason they slipped my mind is because they were out of stock of their pumpkin beer—and they very, very generously sent me alternatives.

Dogfish Head was out of their Punkin Ale, and instead sent me along a bottle of their 90 Minute IPA. It’s a great beer—I reviewed it earlier this year, and I’m happy to do so again.

Wild Goose Brewery was also out of their Pumpkin Patch Ale and instead sent me a six-pack of their winter seasonal, Snow Goose Winter Ale. Since this is a beer I can’t get anywhere around here, I’ll be reviewing/highlighting it in the next couple of weeks here on the blog. (Can you guess how?)

So, special thanks to Dogfish and Wild Goose in addition to the other brewers I mentioned yesterday.