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10 Barrel Brewing (formerly Wildfire)

I blogged last August about the dilemma that Bend, Oregon-based Wildfire Brewing was under to change their name. They were soliciting names from the public and I submitted a few myself which (if I do say so) were pretty good—and I’m sure others people entered were good, too.

The Brewery Formerly Known as Wildfire did pick a new name back in the beginning of December: 10 Barrel Brewing.

I have to say, this name seems particularly uninspired; kind of a WTF? I guess it was named after their ten-barrel brewing system, but it begs the question: what will they call themselves when they expand?

Anyway. The other thing I note about the brewery is they (finally!) have a proper website (here). For the longest time they were simply using MySpace to host their page, and it hadn’t even been updated in ages. I’m glad to see they have something set up with a lot more info on it.

(Incidentally, I notice the head brewer has changed from when they started: Dan Olsen. Paul Cook was the brewer when they first opened.)