Worthy Brewing Grand Opening and Hop House Dedication

Ever since Worthy Brewing‘s soft opening back at the beginning of February they’ve been super busy; both the restaurant and brewery have been running full steam (in fact, they’re already looking at expanding the kitchen), and the build-out of the hop garden and greenhouse have continued as well (they just recently erected the hop trellises and have topsoil in the planter beds).

All that busy-ness and hard work are paying off this Friday the 5th (tomorrow!) as they celebrate their official Grand Opening and Hop House Dedication—and they are throwing a party.

Worthy Brewing Grand Opening

Here are the details:

  • Special Tribute to Dr. Al Haunold as we christen the Worthy Hop House and plant rhizomes in the Worthy Hop Yard.  We’ll kick it off with a short (!) speech at 5:30 pm and present our hero with a commemorative “Farm Out” tie dye t-shirt and Großes Dankeschön poster.  Reminder to farmers, brewers and hop merchants to show up early to sign the special poster.
  • Special release of our Worthy Saison, a delightful, straw-colored ale showcasing the quintessential Wallonia yeast and Dr. Haunold’s very own Sterling hops. Flowers and spice never tasted so nice! We’ll also break out two firkins: a one-off Amarillo dry hopped ESP and our Pilot Butter Bitter.
  • Worthy Pig Roast! We’ll be smoking one of our own Worthy pigs, raised on Worthy spent grain by our friends at the Lemke Berkshire Farms in Bend. Yes, Chef Mike Harrison gave our big, fat and happy hog a moving eulogy this weekend. All part of Worthy’s “waste not, want not” mission.
  • Live music! We’ll be opening up our blimp hanger-sized brewhouse for live music, featuring the dance music driven Oxfords, who will bust a move at about 6 pm. Our warm up acts include Worthy’s own KC Flynn and Amanda Sarles, who will usher in the mood with soulful duets and solo performances. Lace up your dance shoes!
  • Kid Friendly. Mom’s and Dads: fret not, the Worthy Bier Garten is open and the grass is green and soft; an ideal playground for the kids to frolick while you get to know each other again over a lovingly crafted Worthy ale. And if that kid should frown, well then paint on a happy face, courtesy of Worthy’s artisanal physiognomy specialist. Fancy!
  • Tons-o Free Parking. We’ve opened up the 2 acre empty lot across the street (Bellevue) so don’t be intimidated by the crowd.

It runs from 4 to 9pm, and if you haven’t been to Worthy yet, you really should come for the party. And if you have been to Worthy, well, come anyway!