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Working on my “Best Of” post

Just so the suspense can start killing you, I’m working on my “Brew Site Best of 2009” post which I should have online in the next day or so: my personal “best of” list as gleaned from the beer and brewery reviews I made online in 2009.

I don’t have the review written yet, but technically I visited (and have notes and pictures) Pizza Port Carlsbad in 2009, so I’m debating adding it to the list of eligible breweries; my own admittedly weak criteria has been to consider only those I wrote a review for, and the Pizza Port review will technically be up in 2010. Oh, the dilemma of self-imposed rules for building out an entirely opinionated list…

But I’m curious as to what all your “Best of 2009” beers and breweries were. Let loose in the comments.