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Widmer’s new releases for 2013 (via NSPBB)

Widmer Brothers Brewing has been revamping their packaging and their specialty- and seasonal-series lineups for 2013 (I touched on that a bit last week in a beer news post about their 3 Imperial Stouts), and last week in Portland they held a beer release event highlighting many of these new beers and changes. I was not able to attend in person (there are pluses and minuses to living in Bend!) but my comrade-in-blogs Sanjay at The Not So Professional Beer Blog did, and he’s got a great writeup summarizing the event.

You may have noticed that Widmer didn’t release W’13 this year. The annual W’ release has been eliminated in favor of the spring seasonal… I’m sad to see it go, but it’s not really going away. Huh!?!? [T]he Series 924 Beers have been rechristened as the “W Series.” Besides the name, nothing else is changing. Nelson Imperial IPA and Pitch Black IPA will be released year-round. A third beer will be a rotating selection.

That and more is good info on what Widmer is doing this year, so be sure to read the full post. He’s also got the official press release regarding the beers posted as well (stats and all for the curious).