Widmer PR package

On Friday I received an unexpected package containing beer: Widmer Hefeweizen, to be exact. You can see in the picture below, that the package contained two bottles of Hefe, a custom Widmer Hefe glass, and two lemons. Plus their Press Kit booklet—more on that in a moment.

Widmer Hefeweizen PR package

Now, I’m not complaining or anything—I’ve gone on record with my praise and admiration for Widmer’s flagship beer—but I’m not sure why this was sent to me out of the blue. Just keeping up good public relations? Maybe. Highlighting a new brew? Maybe (see below)—but sending a Hefe package seems counter-intuitive to that.

However, browsing through the Press Kit booklet reveals that Widmer is releasing a new winter seasonal this year: "Brrr." That might be what the package is about. It’s billed as a "moderately strong, dark red ale" and will be 7.2% alcohol by volume.

The Press Kit includes a picture of the beer and its packaging, so I scanned the page to reproduce here:

Widmer Press Kit booklet scan: "Brrr" seasonal

Looks interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for it come October.


  1. From Ratebeer’s Commercial Description of the W ’06:

    "W’06 Northwest Red is a moderately strong dark red ale. The generous use of citrusy hops provides a tangible but not excessive bitterness that ultimately erodes into a candy-like malty sweetness and quick finish. Caramel and chocolate malts provide complexity, an enticing color, and subtle dark malt flavors. Stealthy alcohol content."

    Sounds pretty similar to me.

  2. We carry over 30 bottled beers at our restaurant, and of all of the Hefeweizens, Widmer sells the best. Pyramid is the worst for sales… we’re pulling it this month.

    My favorite Widmer brew is the Snow Plow. I’ve stock-piled two cases to get me through the summer. Dark, rich, and oh-so-good.

  3. How does everyone choose their beers? Every time I go to buy a new beer I spend too long trying to decide. Do most places let you mix and match 6 packs? If so I might have to search one of those places out.

  4. I recently found out via a trip to Widmer’s Pub in downtown Portland that they only made one batch of Snow Plow this year. They bottled it in 22oz bottles and shipped it to select distributors. Therefore, you won’t be able to purchase this awesome beer from your local grocery store. I have to say I am a bit dissappointed. I have been looking forward to this beer all summer long. Anyone know which distributors have it? I check with Belmont Station and they don’t have it.

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