Why Not?

Following right on the heels of my Imperial Beers post where I wrote about going wild and experimenting with brewing, this post on the I.M. Hammered Brewing blog is great.

Why Not:

That is the mantra of homebrewers. Why Not!!! You can’t put wheat yeast in a stout wort!! Why Not???? Those two malts won’t work together in a brew!! Why Not??? You can’t put those ingredients into beer!!!! Why Not??? You can’t put that many hops into a 10 gallon batch!!!! Why Not??? Chocolate isn’t an ingredient in beer!!! Why Not??? You see, as homebrewers, we can really try just about anything in a brew. That’s what makes this hobby so great. Don’t tell a homebrewer no, ask him how!! That is what makes us go. Experimentation with fermentable things. Sometimes it turns out pretty good!!! I’ve heard of just about everything going into a beer, from cereal out of a box, to exotic sugars, to odd spices, non-traditional grains, flavored tea mix, to just about anything that might ferment (cactus pulp, odd sugary fruits, etc). So if you’re a homebrewer, try something that is non-traditional in your beer. And if you’re not a brewer, learn the basics on a couple of batches, and then get creative. You never know just what you might create!!!!