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Where on the West Coast would you advise somebody to visit?

I received the following email today and thought it was worth publishing (with permission) for community feedback:

Hi, from reading your blog, I assume you live in oregon so I was hoping that I may be able to get some advice from you. I am thinking about making a trip out west to check out some breweries, and was wondering what your opinion on the best region to go to would be. It would be about a week trip, so I was hoping to be able to hit an area with the highest concentration of best breweries within driving distance of each other. I would have to fly in to start the trip, so it would have to start around a city with a major airport, like portland or seattle. It seems like the Portland area might be a good idea, because a few regions are all within just a few hours drive from each other, but are there better areas in Washington or California to do?

Thanks so much for any help!

Obviously, my advice to Jake is to come to Portland; in fact, I replied:

Not only are you in the center of one of the best beer regions in the country, but there are many more options (within driving distance, of course) for exploring even more: a trip to the Coast, down to Central Oregon, east along the Columbia (there are a few), up into Washington. Plus Portland is a great, vibrant city with a lot of other things to do if you get bored with beer.

So there’s my advice. What advice would other readers give Jake, who is planning a week-long (beer) trip to the West Coast? Portland? Seattle? San Diego? Elsewhere?