Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held in 2012?

Sunday near the end of the Beer Bloggers Conference I tweeted: “Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held next year?”

I promised to run the results of this (informal) poll, and based on what I’ve seen, here are the various suggestions along with number of votes, counted up in a highly non-scientific manner:

  • Philadelphia – 8 votes
  • Asheville, NC – 5 votes
  • East Coast – 5 votes
  • Portland, ME – 4 votes
  • Boston – 3 votes
  • Bend, OR – 3 votes
  • San Francsico – 2 votes
  • Raleigh, NC – 2 votes
  • Oakland, CA – 2 votes
  • Brazil – 1 vote
  • Olympia – 1 vote
  • Greenville, SC – 1 vote
  • Healdsburg, CA – 1 vote
  • Chicago – 1 vote
  • Washington, DC – 1 vote
  • Michigan – 1 vote
  • Baltimore – 1 vote
  • San Diego – 1 vote
  • Jacskon, MS – 1 vote
  • Lake Placid, NY – 1 vote

Of course many suggestions were tongue-in-cheek and the Bend, Oregon votes were instigated by me half-jokingly (of course, I would love to have the BBC hosted in Bend). The general consensus is East Coast, and for my part I would agree with the top two results and pick Philadelphia first and Asheville second.

Where should the Conference be held next year? Sound off if you haven’t already!


  1. Personally, and selfishly, I would go for Asheville because I could drive to it in one day, and the beer community is great. Not to mention that summer in the North Carolina mountains is exquisite. Logistically, Philly would be more easily accessible for most attendees, and I have some friends there, so I could handle that. Maine, I’m sorry to say, Carla, would be another travel hardship for me, I think, but I would love to visit if need be.

    I am wholeheartedly behind the revolutionary aspect of holding it in Jackson, Mississippi.

    But I am warning everyone right now that I will be pushing HARD for Florida in 2013!

  2. I hope it will be somewhere out East next year. I was barely able to afford to go when it was in Boulder last year. Being in Portland this year and the fact that it was 3 months earlier really killed my chances for me. Since I live about 20 miles from DC, about 75 from Baltimore those would be my top two choices. I can see Philly as a top choice for many people, and it would be a short hop on Greyhound as well. I aslo beleive Ashville would be an excellent spot as well, but I think it would be a logistical problem. I remember last year it was said that they would be somewhere East in ’12, so I’m going to predictg either Philly or maybe Boston

  3. I were joking when I suggested Brazil to the next BBC. I’m a beer blogger and I hope we (me and other brazilian beer bloggers) can also organize something like that next year in Brazil.

    How about at the same time? With the same name?

  4. I and beerbabe (We were drinking so I need to comfirm with her) discussed setting up a committee to figure out the next three venues. We need to have the following information from areas who are willing to push for their particular areas:
    Brewerys or other beer related activitys and the contacts for each.
    Potential Sponsors for beer, food, transportation, or other.
    Lodging possibilities
    Reason why we should choose your area
    We will comunicate the various options with give and take among those interested and present them to Allan.

  5. I’d also thrown Indianapolis, Indiana on that list!

    Not only is over half of the country within a day’s drive to Indy, but there is some serious brewing happening in the state.

  6. I’m all in favor of still having a main host city for the BBC (and one in the UK too). But for us to increase participation overall, I feel we also need to have certain cities act as satellite cities and host smaller get togethers the same weekend for those who can’t travel. Then perhaps all satellite cities could join up via video conference so that all could enjoy the main speakers. This way, more bloggers and brewers can participate, whether it be in the main city where most of the fun will be, but also in select satellite locations where those who can’t travel far still have a chance to be a part of it.

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