Weekend quick note: Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Yes, it’s Wednesday and I’m still catching up on weekend items. Or in this case, item. Anyway, we had friends over Saturday and among the beer they brought with them was Lagunitas Imperial Stout. The unanimous verdict: this was no stout, and barely an Imperial anything (porter, maybe). Quite unlike Lagunitas’ usual standards, and disappointing.

And when I say "no stout," I mean just that: it had the deep ruby red color and consistency of, at best, a porter, or perhaps even a dark brown ale—I mean, you could see through it, and you should never be able to do that!

Hmmm… looking at BeerAdvocate and the Lagunitas website, I’m thinking a bottle of their "Imperial Red" must have gotten mislabeled and shipped out. That’s the only explanation I can think of.