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Weekend beer notes (March ’09)

No formal reviews, but a couple of beers of note this weekend.

First was Laurelwood Brewing‘s Espresso Stout—actually its full name is Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout. Our friends Paul and Sandi brought this over Saturday night. This one’s like drinking espresso, possibly the most coffee-infused beer I’ve yet tasted.

Sunday I finally had a chance to have Deschutes Brewery‘s Oregon 150, their sesquicentennial ale brewed with all Oregon ingredients. (It was back on tap after I missed it the first time around.) This is a very different beer—it’s magenta in color (I’ll have a picture up soon), sour and fruity—very fruity, almost like a fruit lambic, there’s almost no traditional “beer” character at all. It’s only 4.2% alcohol, as well, and extremely limited, so if you can try it, do so.