Upcoming beers from Deschutes Brewery

The media tip sheet for Deschutes Brewery went out last week and it contained the list of upcoming (bottled) beers from them for the next few months; it started with the year-round release of Armory XPA in six-packs (12-ounce bottles, down from the 22-ounce bombers it was previously packaged in), and then highlighted five additional upcoming brews, detailed below.

Deschutes Brewery beer lineup

Down ‘N Dirty IPA — 6.3% abv, 80 IBUs, released in 22-ounce bottles year-round starting in April.

Originally developed and named for The Dirty Half marathon, a longtime beloved staple of the Central Oregon trail running community, Down ‘N Dirty IPA is (obviously) the perfect post-run brew. Cascade and Centennial hops deliver bright citrus notes against the earthy bitterness of Bravo hops, balanced by a biscuity malt body. For non-runners, we recommend drinking it while you watch those marathoners speed by, or perhaps pair it up at dinner with a tasty elk burger.

Big Rig — 6% abv, 46 IBUs, also 22-ounce bombers year-round as of this month.

This classic Pub Ale has been an annual favorite at our pubs for years, and now it’s heading down the road…in bottles. Inspired by a love for outside play (and the big truck driven by one of the beer’s original brewers), Big Rig balances a smooth, silky maltiness with crisp, floral notes and just the right bitterness from Crystal hops. Good time to drink? Anytime and anywhere, preferably with a side of sweet baby back ribs.

Both of these beers appeared on the website last week (see my image above), which I noticed before the media tip sheet was sent out. Big Rig is subtitled, “A Classic Pub Ale” and it used to be named Big Rig Bitter.

Pinot Suave — 11.2% abv, 15 IBUs, a new Reserve Series beer coming out in early May, with a wax-dipped bottled like the others in the Series.

Smooth and slightly sexy…Pinot Suave is a Belgian style beauty aged in French oak and Pinot Noir barrels filled with Pinot grape must. Part of our limited Reserve Series lineup, this new beer is the first of five releases not to be missed in 2016. The result is a unique flavor profile with some delicate notes of acidity and wine tannins. The light malt body makes sure the berry flavors stay at the forefront.

That note about “first of five releases” — meaning in the Reserve Series, I’m guessing? Well every year sees The Abyss and the latest Black Butte XX anniversary beer iteration, so that accounts for three; does that leave The Dissident and The Stoic to return, or is there something new?

Hop Slice Session IPA — 4.5% abv, 45 IBUs, the new 12-ounce bottled seasonal coming out from May to September.

We’re celebrating summer in a fresh way this year…by introducing a brand-new seasonal to our lineup: Hop Slice Session IPA. This new beer invites fans to “grab a slice of summer” with floral hop notes and crisp lemon refreshment. Hop Slice is brewed with Meyer Lemon, characterized by a more delicate aroma than the standard lemon, complemented by Azacca, Galaxy and Amarillo hops. This session IPA packs the hop flavor of an IPA in a light bodied beer crafted for a long summer day.

Bad news, Twilight fans—this beer is replacing Twilight Summer Ale, which has been retired this year. The Brewery has been trying out various lemon-infused India Session Ales at the (Bend) Pub for awhile now, which led to this release. I guess Twilight just wasn’t selling enough anymore, which seems weird to me because it seems like they always sell it out early every year…?

Black Butte XXVIII — the 22-ounce bottled Reserve Series anniversary beer, dropping on June 27.

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary with an imperial, barrel-aged version of our flagship Black Butte Porter. Our brewers love to experiment and they always add some fun new ingredients to this beer to celebrate. In the past, you may have found chilies, cranberries, pomegranate molasses, dates, figs and other such treats. This year, our brewers tell us that they’ve added goodies like peated malt, cocoa, vanilla and sweet orange peel…all aged in bourbon and scotch barrels.

Yep, this is the 28th year of Deschutes Brewery and this year’s BBXX, in keeping with the tradition of incorporating a fruit element, goes with orange peel (and peated malt, which is new I think). But that also means the big 3-0 is only two years away! It’s not too early to start thinking of thirtieth anniversary celebration plans and beers…