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Umpqua Brew Fest 2012

This Saturday the 20th Southern Oregon’s Umpqua Brew Fest is kicking off at 1pm and running through the day, an event hosted by the Umpqua Watersheds:

It’s an autumn celebration of clean water, craft beer, and sustainable living in the hundred valleys of the Umpqua. In other words, “It’s All About the Water!”

This year’s Fest has a schedule lined up featuring live music, beer events, and of course beer to taste. It’s a 21-and-over event, but it might have one of the best deals on festival pricing that I’ve seen (depending on the size of the glass, of course): free admission, $10 for the glass, and $1 tickets—with a half glass being one ticket, and a full glass only costing two.

And they’ve got a really nice taplist available as well—with stalwarts like 10 Barrel, Block 15, Ninkasi, and GoodLife mixed in with a good selection of Southern Oregon brewers—including a bunch of new ones I haven’t heard of (which makes me realize I’m fairly out of touch with the Southern Oregon brewing scene!):

All the Roseburg breweries except for McMenamins are completely new to me (though I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting that particular McMenamins), and are definitely worth checking out.

It should be a good brewfest and a good highlight of Southern Oregon, not ordinarily a region known for its beer (hint: there are a lot more wineries!) but that seems to be changing, and this fest is definitely showcasing a lot of that.