Tuesday Tidbits

(With apologies to Stan’s "Monday Morning Musings" and Rick’s "Tuesday Tastings" and others who have themes of that sort. "Tuesday Tidbits" is not going to be a regular named feature here. I don’t think. I just liked the alliteration.)

→ Don’t forget this Friday, May 2nd, is the 15th Session. The topic is "How did it all start for you?"

→ I’ve been drinking through an old six-pack of novelty beer from Las Vegas—from the "Vegas Valley Brewing Company" (which no longer exists, and warrants a longer post)—that I picked up at least eight years ago, I think. Needless to say, it was stored poorly and the beer didn’t make it. I diligently took notes on the first three I drank, though, and I’ll have quite a bit more to write about it. The moral of the story: two things. First, beer is meant to be drank, not (necessarily) saved. Second, if you’re going to save beer, cellar it properly!

→ Lots of blogger reactions to the news of Magic Hat Brewing buying Pyramid Brewing. I don’t really have anything to add to the story—everyone else is doing a great job with it—other than to (selfishly) hope that we might see some Magic Hat beers filter out to the west coast sometime soon…