Tuesday Tastings: Savîle Premium Rumtini

Received: Savîle RumtiniTime for another Tuesday Tastings, but this time instead of beer I’m reviewing Savîle Premium Rumtini. This was the cocktail drink I received that is essentially a pre-mixed tropical/citrus rum cocktail. It’s 14% alcohol by volume, and here’s the backstory:

A deep, dark India rum infused with rich citrus flavors, Savîle is the brainchild of Dee Tutt, a professional hair stylist who spent thirty years perfecting her recipe.

Imbued with a creative side since a child, Dee pursued her artistic aspirations by becoming a hairstylist. Through her work, she became fascinated with Caribbean culture and began to adapt its many facets in her own lifestyle. When she saved up for her first trip to the islands, little did she know that her experience would set her on a nearly lifelong journey.

It started with Caribbean rum. Fascinated by its complex processes and intense flavors, Dee learned everything she could and came back to the U.S. with a wealth of new knowledge she soon began sharing with friends and family. Spending hours in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes, she somehow discovered a unique blend, one that turned out to be a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, everyone who tried her drink loved it immediately. On the other, it launched her life on a thirty year expedition fraught with challenges she couldn’t have imagined.

Through personal adversities, financial troubles, doubtful industry professionals and a never-ending cycle of success and failure, Dee persevered, and today she is partnered with some of the best in the business while Savîle is quickly being discovered across the country.

Now a family operation, Savîle is run by Dee alongside her husband and daughter. After thirty exhausting years, Dee is finally seeing her hard work bear fruit. In a world where many people are afraid of becoming entrepreneurs, or see a wall in their future, Dee is an inspirational figure with a message of hope for everyone who has a dream.

Yes, there is a bit of marketing behind this “30 years in the making” beverage. One has to wonder at that timeline, at least.

Why review this on a beer blog? Several reasons. First, I am definitely interested in alcoholic beverages of all types, fermented or distilled; I’ve written about tasting absinthe as well as other non-beer fermented drinks before. Second, it was offered up as a sample/review bottle, so why not take up the opportunity when presented? Third, I think this would be an interesting addition to a beer cocktail.

Savîle Premium Rumtini review

The Savîle website says, “Savîle Rumtini is a beverage unlike anything you will have ever tasted before.” Well frankly, I don’t know about that—it’s very much reminiscent of a tropical fruit juice blend. And I can’t swear I haven’t tasted a tropical fruity cocktail in the past that is very similar.

Guava is my first impression, followed by mango, then pineapple. It’s very fruity, and very sweet tempered with a bit of bitter citrus peel. At 14% it’s still a touch boozy but it really is sweet tropical fruit punch that dominates the flavor. On the finish it perks up with a slightly bitter-tart citrus note. I don’t know that my liquor palate is subtle enough to detect the rum in particular.

I’ve only sipped it straight, though naturally I’ve wondered what sort of beer cocktail this would make. I suspect two possible beer pairings would be a grapefruit IPA or a witbier. The website lists several cocktail suggestions but none involve beer. If I come up with any I will let you know.

The bottom line: If you like sweet, tropical fruit flavors and/or mixed drinks, then this would definitely appeal to your tastes.