Trick or treat

Random bits for you this Halloween… mostly treats instead of tricks, I hope.

I considered doing a "Halloween beers" post, then remembered I did the same this in 2005 and 2006, and I really have nothing to add to those. Well, almost; this list is pulled from the comments, and contains an impressive list of appropriately themed beers.

Speaking of treats, I should be receiving some beers for review soon… PR-related, for the most part. I got a letter from A-B indicating that I would be getting four of their Michelob Specialty Sampler beers, and I believe Flying Dog is sending out some bottles as well.

And, I just received a bottle of Butte Creek‘s Fresh Hop Organic IPA, straight from the brewery—what a perfect adult Trick or Treat for Halloween! It’s a 22-ounce bomber with a cool label (picture forthcoming). I’ll have a review on that in the next day or two.

Jeff has discovered a new microbrewery (or "pico," maybe) over in McMinnville: Heater Allen Brewing. Looks like they specialize in lagers and are a very small operation. Something to check out next time we’re in "Mac" (as the locals call it)—which isn’t as improbably infrequent as you might think.