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Trader Joe’s brews their own beer

While in Portland over this last weekend, we of course stopped by Trader Joe’s for our traditional round of three-buck Chuck and impulse buying, and I noticed for the first time that they were carrying beer under their own label: Trader Joe’s Brewing Company. That’s a new one to me (there doesn’t appear to be a website for it), so I picked up a couple of six-packs: their Hofbrau Bock, and Vienna Style Lager.

So far I like the Bock better. It weighs in at something like 7% alcohol by volume, and seemed like a richer, better balanced beer. I tried the Vienna Lager this evening, and it was good, but not as good. It’s 5.7% ABV. It poured crystal clear and amber gold (I didn’t pour the Bock into a glass, so I can rate it like that yet), with a fizzy, short-lived head. It probably needs to be served colder than I had it.

They also have two other beers: Bavarian Style Hefeweizen and Bohemian Lager. Next time I’ll pick those up.

Bonus link: BeerAdvocate’s page for TJ’s Brewing.