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Tooheys New

Tooheys New is an Australian lager of 4.6% alcohol by volume. I had picked it up while looking for a Mild for the previous Session, not knowing it was a lager (and therefore unqualified), but game to try something new as always.

Appearance: Very clear. Light copper in color, turning to gold-orange.

Smell: Grainy lager smell—typical of that import type of lager, I’m finding (the macro lagers from the part of the world around Southeast Asia), with a bare hint of sourness and skunkiness.

Taste: Raw grain, steel-cut grass, lightly malty. Actually pretty drinkable. It has a retro feel to it—kind of a generic draft beer you’d find in an older tavern. Slight bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Light, with an edge. Not watery, but has a similar character cutting through it.

On BeerAdvocate, they don’t find it as drinkable as I do, scoring it only 69 out of 100 with only an astonishing 13% of reviewers approving. On RateBeer it’s the same story: 1.97 out of 5 and in their 7th(!) percentile.

Gee, I didn’t think it was that bad…