Tomato-based beer

Strange, but true: Tomato-based beer now on shelves. I’m not sure what to make of it.

Yearlong efforts by a Niigata brewery and a Tokyo izakaya pub owner have finally borne fruit: Their tomato-based, low-malt beer is now on the shelves.

Called Tomato Bibere, the reddish brew has a characteristic taste, combining the sweet flavor of a tomato with the bitter taste of hops. One tomato is used in the production of each 330-milliliter bottle.

I’ve heard—back in the day—of mixing Molson Ice with tomato juice (or V8), making a passable drink… mostly this was stuff I’d heard of in college. But it’s hard to imagine the entire beer brewed from tomato. I’d think one of the really big problems is overcoming the acidity of tomatoes.

Any beer drinkers in Japan want to try this and write up a review?