Today is Session Beer Day!

Session Beer Day 2013Today in addition to being National Beer Day celebrating the end of Prohibition on April 7, 1933, it is also Session Beer Day: the official-yet-informal day for celebrating Session Beer founded by Lew Bryson. I can’t really describe it better than this:

April 7th, 1933 was the day Prohibition ended for beer drinkers, and America celebrated happily with oceans of beer…all of it 4% and less. AND THEY LOVED IT!

That’s a perfect day to celebrate session beer, great-tasting craft-type beer at lower alcohol that you can enjoy in quaffing volumes. Session beer is about enjoying beer for what it brings: great conversation with friends old and new, the glow of “social lubrication,” and great taste without walloping doses of alcohol so you can enjoy yourself without getting knee-walking stupid drunk. Keep it under 4.5% (or 4.0%, if you want to be historical), and make it a session.

What do you do on Session Beer Day? DRINK SESSION BEER! If you run a bar, SERVE SESSION BEER! Have a great time, enjoy the beer, and enjoy the company of friends!

It’s simple: drink a session beer today, encourage others to do so, share it online. Untappd even has a special badge for you.

And I thought I’d round up the local Central Oregon breweries that have beer that’s under 4.5% abv that I know of that’s available today, so if you’re in the C.O. today here’s what you can check out: