Three Creeks Brewing, in depth

The new local Three Creeks Brewing Company gets a nice write-up and review in the Sisters (Oregon) weekly "The Nugget."

The house brew master, Dave Fleming, has a dozen years’ experience in the business, including the well-known (at least, to this correspondent) "Lucky Lab" in Portland and McMenamin’s St. Francis School location in Bend….

Currently there are three house brews on tap: "Knotty Blonde;" "Old Prospector Ale;" and Fleming’s own creation, "India Black Ale." Underwood promises more varieties once the dust settles. The ales that are on tap now take seven to 10 days to produce, but lagers take around 21.

"When you need beer," he said, "you don’t make lager. Right now we’ve got a red, a rye and another Knotty Blonde in the tank; the rye should actually be hitting about the time (The Nugget hits the street) on Wednesday."

The more I hear, the more I like the sound of it. Good to know the names of their launch beers—and actually, their website is getting fleshed out and they have more beers listed on their new Brews page; here’s what they have:

  • Knotty Blonde
  • Anvil Amber
  • Stonefly Rye
  • Firestorm Red
  • 8 Second IPA
  • Old Prospector Pale