Thirsty Thursday in Bend

After work today I swung by Newport Market over on Bend’s westside for their Thirsty Thursday beer tasting. I just found out about these Thirsty Thursdays recently; they’re every, er, Thursday from 3:30 until 6:00. Free beer! Can’t go wrong with that.

Today it was a rep from Deschutes Brewery doing tastings of their two newest: Inversion IPA and Buzzsaw Brown. Both good, but the IPA was really good. So I picked up a six-pack of it, and then, to my amazement, found a bottle of Deschutes’ Mirror Mirror, which I’d heard about but hadn’t seen anywhere. I’m excited! But it’s a big barleywine, so I’m saving it for the weekend. Or Friday night.

That means, of course, be on the lookout for reviews on both of these beers. :)