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Thinking about Beer Weeks

On Saturday I posted a press release about San Diego’s first Beer Week, which will be taking place November 6th through the 15th, and thought it was worth promoting beyond just the press release. Really, I’m kind of surprised it took San Diego this long to start a beer week; seems like every other major metro area has one (Oregon has a whole month), and SD has a huge beer-centric culture going on there.

Their schedule is a little sparse yet, but I expect that to change over the next couple of months. (Likewise their website is a bit sparse, several “coming soon” pages still.) It should be one of the November beer highlights if you’re on the west coast. Hopefully.

And naturally, thinking about a Beer Week prodded me into realizing that today is the third Monday of the month, and I should have had a Theme Week organized. Unfortunately, I don’t; consider it the final month in a “summer vacation” but I’ll definitely be back strong with Theme Week in September.

In fact, I already know what it’ll be next month: Canned Beer Week II. There have been additional developments in the canned craft beer segment, with new craft beers available now that weren’t here before. In particular, New Belgium‘s canned Fat Tire has made it to Oregon, and I think it would be interesting to do a side-by-side tasting of bottled Fat Tire with canned Fat Tire.

And no, I’m not a Fat Tire hater.