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There needs to be a Beer Bloggers Conference

It came to my attention that the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference is coming to Walla Walla, Washington, this June, and it got me reflecting on that fact that there even is a Wine Bloggers Conference. I don’t read any wine blogs (I should probably start) but it seems to me that they’re probably not too much different from beer blogs, at least in concept; so the question that naturally comes to my mind is:

Where’s the Beer Bloggers Conference?

There needs to be one. In fact, it seems like a no-brainer! Now I don’t know jack about organizing such a thing, but I’d gladly participate if someone who knows these things did. I will suggest the location for the first Conference though: Portland, Oregon (of course).

Stan touched upon this topic back in November of 2008; and I just found this thread on the Beer Bloggers forum on Ning asking and discussing this very question from the middle of last year. (Interesting takeaway: it’s possible one may be organized for 2010, in Colorado.)