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Theme Week: The Unusual

This week is Theme Week here at The Brew Site, and I’m breaking the mold a bit with an overall “Unusual” theme: bucking my usual convention and ending on the first of October, which also coincides with The Session (hosted this month by the Beer Wench). The theme for the week dovetails into the them for the Session as well, which is “Frankenstein beers.”

So it’s a bit unusual all around.

Although these days, it seems like “unusual” the new norm for craft beer: you can’t hardly turn around without running into a brewery doing something unusual with a beer, whether it’s mashing up styles (Cascadian Dark Ales, Belgian IPAs, Imperial Pilsners) or using weird ingredients (coconut, herbs, yams) or something else entirely. And each person’s “unusual” might well be different than everyone else’s.

Keeping that in mind, I’ll be exploring some beers that I find unusual this week. And end the week with The Session with something suitable Frankenstein-y.