The Beer Show

Well, someone has responded to my post awhile ago about having a beer show on the Food Network, but the link they provided doesn’t exactly point to a Food Network show specifically. It’s The Beer Show, and while it looks interesting, the site says it will air on Brisbane (that’s Brisbane, Australia) Community Television channel 31. That’s cool, but it’s a little bit out of my network. As in, unless they post it online, I’m never going to be able to get Brisbane channel 31.

Best of luck though, they have a nice looking (if hard to read) site shaping up so far.

Now, as to Food Network (which I do get), about that beer show… maybe something with Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter?


  1. The Beer Show is now called Planet Beer and the pilot currently in production to be presented to the major television networks in Australia. Planet Beer will be a global franchise with Planet Beer licences available in other countries. Then stories will be shared, giving it global recongnition. for more information, keep cheacking back at or New site will be up soon. 😉

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