The Beer Hacker

No, "The Beer Hacker" doesn’t refer to a new blog or site (that I know of), but rather the name of a new "column" I’ll be writing here semi-regularly (once a week or so). They will be longer articles covering all sorts of beer-related topics, with (I’m thinking) the underlying theme of getting the most out of beer in various ways (homebrewing, relating to the internet, etc.).

Why am I doing this? I think it’ll be a fun addition to the site; it forces me into a more regular writing schedule (I keep telling myself I want to be a writer); I’m inspired in part by sites like Lifehacker and it would be fun to do a beer version.

And yes, "The Beer Hacker" is a riff on "The Beer Hunter", which is the nom-de-plume of beer writer Michael Jackson. You can’t take yourself too seriously. :)

So keep an eye out. First one should be up today or tomorrow.

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  1. I thought "Beer Hunter" was a game made famous by those hosers up North, Bob and Doug MacKenzie. If I remember correctly, the game is to take one beer out of a six pack, shake the Hell out of it and put it back into the six pack. Now everytime one goes to open a new brew, they must do it with the bottle next to their head. Like Russian Roulette with beer bottles. Eventually someone is going to get the ‘mystery bottle’ and get a good beer shower.
    At this point everyone else shouts, "Beer Hunter" and the ‘looser’ gets to try and dry off.

    Why do I remember this stuff?… 😛

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