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The Session #35: New Beer’s Resolutions

Today is not only the first day of 2010, it’s also the First Friday of the month and in the beer blogging world that means it’s time for The Session!

Today’s Session is being hosted by The Beer Chicks, Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune (authors of The Naked Pint), and their theme is New Beer’s Resolutions:

The New Year, of course, is the ultimate time for reflection of the previous year’s mistakes as well as a time of making resolutions to make our lives better in the future. Its also the time of year where all the lists happen. You can’t turn the TV on without seeing a “Best of 2009″ list: the best movies, best iphone apps, best sports moments, the best scandals, the best sports stars in scandals, etc…

So we want to know what was your best and worst of beer for 2009? What beer mistakes did you make? What beer resolutions do you have for 2010? What are your beer regrets and embarrassing moments? What are you hoping to change about your beer experience in 2010?

I haven’t yet worked up a beer predictions post—or addressed last year’s—and while I’ll be working up a personal “best” list of 2009, I don’t really have any regrets (beyond missing a beer event here and there) or “worst moments” that I dwell on.

So really, the one “beer resolution” I can come up with for 2010 is easy: write more about beer. (I figure the “drinking” part is pretty well understood.) Stepping up the beer writing is going to be one of my big goals for this new year.

What’s on your New Beer’s Resolutions list?