The Oregon homebrew law is officially fixed.

As reported by John Foyston and originally posted on the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance site, yesterday Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed SB 444 into law—making the recently-broken aspects of homebrewing (transportation, competitions, etc.) legal again!


Once again thanks goes out to everyone that works so hard on getting this law changed.  In review SB 444 allows the following:

  • Eliminates the restrictions on the transportation of homebrew
  • Eliminates the restrictions on where homebrew can be consumed
  • Eliminates the restrictions on where homebrew can be made
  • Allow clubs to charge dues
  • Allow entry fees and prizes at competitions
  • Allow homebrew to be served at club meetings held at pubs or other licensed premises
  • Allow homebrew club members to participate in small-scale professional brewing at pubs
  • Allow people who teach homebrewing classes to be paid.