The Oregon GABF winners

The Great American Beer Festival awards ceremony was yesterday (I watched part of it live online), and the official results are posted today. Oregon’s brewers brought home a number of medals, and I’m pleased (as always) to see that Bend had a good representation as well.

Bend winners:

  • Deschutes Brewery:
    • Category 14: Gluten Free Beer: Silver for Gluten Free
    • Category 43: Classic English-Style Pale Ale: Gold for Mirror Pond Pale Ale
    • Category 53: Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter: Bronze for Bachelor ESB
    • Category 62: German-Style Wheat Ale: Silver for Wowzenbock
  • Bend Brewing Company:
    • Category 21: Aged Beer: Silver for Cherry Baltic Porter
    • Category 78: Old Ale or Strong Ale: Bronze for Outback X
  • Silver Moon Brewing:
    • Category 26: Bohemian-Style Pilsener: Bronze for Bridge Creek Pilsner

Overall Oregon winners:

  • Barley Brown’s Brewpub, Baker City:
    • Category 1: American-Style Wheat Beer: Silver for Shredder’s Wheat
    • Category 58: American-Style India Black Ale (new category): Gold for Turmoil
    • Category 73: American-Style Stout: Silver for Disorder Stout
  • Laurelwood Brewing, Portland:
    • Category 50: Imperial Red Ale: Bronze for Deranger Imperial Red
  • Pelican Pub & Brewery, Pacific City:
    • Category 40: Golden or Blonde Ale: Gold for Kiwanda Cream Ale
    • Category 72: Foreign-Style Stout: Bronze for Tsunami Stout
    • Category 77: Scotch Ale: Bronze for MacPelican’s Wee Heavy Ale
  • Ram Restaurant & Brewery, Salem:
    • Category 37: Bock: Bronze for Maibock
  • Rogue Ales, Newport:
    • Category 7: Specialty Beer: Bronze for Hazelnut Brown Nectar
    • Category 73: American-Style Stout: Bronze for Shakespeare Stout
  • Widmer Brothers, Portland:
    • Category 2: American-Style Wheat Beer With Yeast: Bronze for Hefeweizen
    • Category 52: Ordinary or Special Bitter: Bronze for Drop Top Amber Ale

Big congrats to the big winners of Deschutes, Barley Brown’s, and Pelican Pub! Interesting to note two of these are in two of the smaller towns in the state.

Also, I believe this is Silver Moon’s first-ever GABF medal—nice work!


  1. Do you know if Deschutes bottles the gluten-free that they make? I’d love to get some on this side of the state.

    And I’ll vouch for the Barley Brown’s Turmoil… one of the best beers I’ve ever had. It’s crazy how good their beers are in a town of 10K people.

  2. No word on if/when they’ll bottle any of their gluten free beers, but I can ask. If nothing else, at least send a growler your way.

    What’s interesting is that they keep changing up recipes, so it’s very possible the GABF winner is even currently on tap (or is slated to be brewed again).

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