The next Session: Love Lager

The next Session has been announced, and it’s being brought to us by The Beer Nut: Love Lager.

[F]or this Session, let’s get back to basics. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose early drinking career featured pale lager in abundance, so consider this a return to our roots as beer drinkers. Don’t even think about cheating the system: leave your doppelbocks and schwarzbiers out of this one: I want pilsners, light lagers, helleses and those ones that just say “beer” because, well, what else would it be?

I want to know what’s so great about them, and what’s awful. Are we talking just lawnmowers, barbecues and sun holidays here, or is there a time for some thoughtful considered sipping of a cold fizzy lager?

Seems like I’ve already got this covered!

Incidentally, it’s also the Session’s birthday next month! The 25th installment celebrates two years of collaborative beer blogging, which is no mean feat. Someone should bake a cake.