The next Session (June): Local Brews

Next month’s Session is being hosted by the Gastronomic Fight Club and is a departure from the usual theme of tastings by style: Local Brews.

The idea here is to be as helpful as possible for visitors to your area. What is the beer/brewery/brewpub that you feel is quintessential to your city? What do the locals drink? What could a tourist drink that would make them feel like they’ve found something special; something that they’re going to miss when they go home?

Here are the rules:

  • You can pick anything commercially made within 150 miles of your house, but try to pick the brewery or brewpub closest to your house (NOTE: the average American lives within 10 miles of a craft brewery).
  • You can select any beer or even a sampler if you want.
  • If you select a single beer, let us know why you choose this beer (e.g. favorite,seasonal,limited edition, best seller).
  • Preferably you’ll shy away from beers with wide distribution outside your immediate area.

I like it already. I have six local brewers just in town alone, and I know just the one I’ll write about. (Regular readers can probably guess.) Actually all the local brewers deserve to get the full review treatment, but that’s too big a project for one Session, unfortunately.

Via Stan.