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The Next Session: July 4th

Rob over at Pfiff! has announced Session #17: Going Against the Grain Bill: Solstice Edition. An enigmatic title like that deserves some explanation:

The subject for July’s Session could be summed up thusly: Drinking anti-seasonally. Think of this as the unorthodox cousin of such topics as "beer and food" and "beer and music". Beer and weather, perhaps? More like beer despite the weather, I guess. Cracking open a Guinness on the beach, finishing a day of yardwork with a Speedway Stout, or whatever else you do that raises an eyebrow (again, beer-related, please), do us all a favor and take a few moments to share your non-conformist tale.

It’s his reaction against "the marketing eye of brewing’s Sauron [which] becomes firmly targeted on light, easily quaffable, lawnmower beers, which we’re all supposedly to dumbly chug down" during the summer months; works for me.

As an added bonus, the first Friday falls on July 4th—Independence Day here in the U.S., so it’s a holiday edition of The Session as well.