The next Session is this week

It’s a bit of a late announcement this time around, but remember The Session is coming up this Friday (September 3rd). Session #43 is being hosted by The Beer Babe, Carla Companion, and the topic is “Welcoming the New Kids.”

With the astounding growth of the number of craft breweries this year, chances are there’s a new one in development, or has just started out in your area. My challenge to you is to seek out a new brewery and think about ways in which they could be welcomed into the existing beer community. How does their beer compare to the craft beer scene in your area? Are they doing anything in a new/exciting way? What advice, as a beer consumer, would you give to these new breweries?

Take this opportunity to say hello to the new neighbors in your area. Maybe its a nanobrewery that came to a festival for the first time that you vowed to “check out” later. Maybe it’s a new local beer on a shelf on the corner store that you hadn’t seen before. Dig deeper and tell us a story about the “new kids on the block.” I look forward to welcoming them to the neighborhood!

Hopefully we’ll get a few more participants than in the last couple of months. I want to read about these new breweries!