The next Session: Eastern Beers

The next Session, #32 for October, has been announced. It’s being hosted by Girl Likes Beer, and the topic is “Eastern Beers“:

You are probably wondering what I mean by that. So let me explain. My goal is to try at least one beer of each country that has its own brewery. So far I did try a lot of beers that are made in countries that are west from mine (which is Poland if anyone was wondering). I would like to explore the ones on the east.

So to sum up I would like you to pick your favorite beer made east form your hometown but east enough that it is already in a different country. It can be from the closest country or from the furthest. Explain why do you like this beer. What is the coolest stereotype associated with the country the beer comes from (of course according to you)? And one more thing. If you do a video or picture of the beer (not obligatory of course) try to include the flag of the country.

The “next” country to the east of Bend, Oregon (by latitude of approximately 44°N) is actually Canada, crazily enough (it dips down to 42°N at Lake Erie). The next one after that is France. Of course, that’s if I go with a strict interpretation of “east”. We’ll see.