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The next Session: It’s #21 (legal!)

Next month’s Session is the 21st Beer Blogging Friday since it all started—which might be more of a milestone than #20 since, as I’m shamelessly lifting from someone else, 21 makes it "legal."

The topic for the next Session (which is November 7th) comes from A World of Brews:

When looking at the past topics I felt that they were all a little to easy. They weren’t loaded enough for me. No one has asked the the one question that I am guessing all of you have heard. This question has probably come from friends, family, strangers from the bar, etc everytime you bring up you are really into beer.

That question is: What is your favorite Beer and Why?

Before you say I don’t have a favorite beer or how do I pick just one. I say BS everyone has a favorite. There will always be a beer that you would grab above all others, your go to beer per say. The one beer you will almost always choose over the others. When I get asked that question I almost always say I don’t have one but then when I came up with this topic I realized I did and I know you do too.

Bonus points for reviewing your favorite beer as well.

Though it’s the "favorite" part which is hard: the concept of a favorite beer can be a moving target—which is true for many of us, I suspect.