The Little Woody: The beers

The beer list for The Little Woody, Bend’s barrel-aged beer festival (more here), came out today, and it’s looking really good. There are actually two versions of the beer list: one on the official site, and another one released over on Bend Oregon Restaurants (it’s from the marketing copy that the organizing company sent out).

You can view those pages for more details on the style and making of the beers, but in the meantime I’ve compiled them all into an easy-to-read list just for you (all breweries are from Central Oregon except the two I noted from elsewhere):

  • 10 Barrel Brewing
    • Dubbel Woody: 7.7%, Belgian Dubbel aged in cabernet barrels 8 months
    • Dry Hopped English Style IPA: 7.2%, aged in bourbon barrels 3 months
  • Bend Brewing
    • Metolius Golden: 5.2%, aged in a pinot barrel 8 months
    • Sour Outback X: 9.5%, BBC’s Outback X aged and soured in a bourbon barrel
  • Block 15 (from Corvallis)
    • Super Nebula: 11%, Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels
    • Wonka’s Wit: 5.5%, Belgian Wit (wheat) aged and soured in oak barrels for 7 to 14 months
  • Boneyard Beer
    • Bourbon Barrel Black 13: aged in a bourbon barrel
    • Sour Girl: A soured version of their cherry wheat aged in a bourbon barrel
  • Cascade Lakes Brewing
    • Imperial Stout: aged several months in Jim Beam oak bourbon barrels
    • Blonde Bombshell: 4% (not barrel aged?)
  • Deschutes Brewery
    • Berliner Weisse: 5%, German-style sour wheat beer, aged in oak casks
    • Mirror Mirror: 11.5%, Barleywine aged in a variety of barrels and blended
  • McMenamins Old St. Francis School
    • Barrel Head: 5.93%, their Hammerhead ale aged in a Hogshead whiskey barrel for 4+ months
    • Dark Ages Stout: aged in a Hogshead whiskey barrel 5 months
  • Ninkasi Brewing (from Eugene)
    • Wood Aged Total Domination IPA: 6.7%, aged in pinot noir casks
    • Believer Double Red Ale: 6.9% (not barrel aged?)
  • Silver Moon Brewing
    • Merlot Cask Amber: 4.4%, their Hounds Tooth Amber aged in a French merlot barrel for 6 months
    • Winter Moon Bourbon: 7.4%, their Winter Warmer aged in a bourbon barrel
    • “Also prepare for a surprise (or two) we may dig up from the depths of our cellar!”
  • Three Creeks Brewing
    • Beechwood Blonde: 4%, their Knotty Blonde aged in beechwood
    • Woodcutter Barleywine: blended with their Firestorm Red and aged in a pinot noir barrel for 9 months
    • Patio’s Private Reserve: one barrel of this special beer will be served “sometime Saturday afternoon”

While the “big” beers are always popular, I can’t help but notice and be very curious about the lighter beers on this list: the Metolius Golden, Wonka’s Wit, Berliner Weisse, Merlot Cask Amber, and Beechwood Blonde. I’d classify these as must-trys, and in particular make for an easy-drinking start to your day.

Also note the prevalence of sour beers, four by my read of the descriptions (18% of the offerings). This is definitely a festival that’s going to appeal to the beer geeks.