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Thanksgiving Week (2010)

This week it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and also coincides with Theme Week here at The Brew Site, so I thought I’d do something similar to last year and combine the two with Thanksgiving-themed blogging to round out the holiday.

Thanksgiving naturally evokes the beer-and-meal pairing posts from the beer blogs, with everyone offering up great suggestions on what beer to drink with what part of the meal. Carla, the Beer Babe, short circuits this process by compiling a slew of ideas from our Hop Press compatriots: three beer selections from seven different sources, and they all sound really good.

Myself, I have a batch of homebrewed pumpkin ale ready for Thanksgiving—yes, I’m still on a pumpkin beer kick—so while there will be plenty of other beer on hand, the pumpkin ale is what I consider to be a pretty ideal pairing with just about any course. So I’ll definitely be enjoying that.

And for a nightcap I have a six-pack of 2009 Bigfoot Barleywine that we may get into; it’s hard to go wrong with a Barleywine.

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving beer?