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Play Zwickelmania Bingo again this year

With the 6th annual Zwickelmania celebration taking place tomorrow across Oregon, I’ve been dusting off and updating the Zwickelmania Bingo page I made last year, adding the new participating breweries and removing a few that aren’t on the Oregon Brewers Guild list. Zwickelmania Bingo generates a Bingo card that you can print out and take with you on your zwickel-ing: for each brewery you visit (or beer style you drink, if you include those on … Continue reading →

Zwickelmania ’13 roundup

The fifth annual Oregon Craft Beer Zwickelmania is in the books, and, like last year, my wife and I were joined by our friends Paul and Sandi and we managed to visit seven Bend breweries over the course of the day. And yes, we played Bingo along the way! Here are a few notes about the day and a photo roundup (with the full gallery at the end). (Of course, a caveat: as the day … Continue reading →

Zwickelmania Bingo!

The other day in my post on tomorrow’s Zwickelmania I made a mention of a “Zwickelmania Bingo” game. Well last night and early this morning I hacked together just that: a Zwickelmania Bingo board generator! (Yes I am a web developer in addition to a beer geek.) Here’s how it works: I simply used the list of participating breweries on the Oregon Brewer Guild’s Zwickelmania site, plus added some shuttle bus slots, and the possibility … Continue reading →

Zwickelmania 2013

This Saturday, February 16th, is Oregon’s fifth annual statewide Zwickelmania event: organized by the Oregon Brewers Guild, breweries across the state hold special open houses from 11am to 4pm, offering up tours, tastings, and often special extras just for the one day. As OBG’s blurb says, “Your once-a-year backstage pass to tour Oregon’s breweries.” And here’s their capsule description: 2013 President’s Day weekend, dozens of Oregon breweries and brewpubs will open their doors to visitors … Continue reading →

Zwickelmania Bend notes

Saturday saw a really good turnout for Zwickelmania here in Bend; between strong offerings from the established breweries and interest in the new ones, it was easily the best open house event yet. We weren’t able to make it to all the breweries, but we managed a good number and picked up a few interesting tidbits along the way.