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Worthy Brewing: First look, first brew

Today was a big day for Bend’s newest brewery, Worthy Brewing Company: Brewmaster Chad Kennedy and Head Brewer Dustin Kellner officially brewed up their first batch of beer on the new 30bbl system! The beer is a standard American Pale Ale (dubbed “Eastside Pale” I believe) intended to test and calibrate the brewhouse as well as get that first brew under the brewery’s belt before the end of the year. Lest you get the wrong … Continue reading →

Worthy Brewing progress, late October

It’s been a long while since I posted any updates to the progress of Worthy Brewing Company over on the east side of Bend, and based on the last update the progress is amazing. Here was the brewery site in May: And here is how it’s looking now, as of late October (click to embiggen): As I understand it, everything is on track to be completed by the end of the year, meaning the target … Continue reading →

GoodLife and Worthy Brewing collaboration

On Friday the 25th, one of Bend’s newest breweries, GoodLife Brewing, teamed up with yet-to-open Worthy Brewing to brew up a collaboration beer they’re calling “The Good and Worthy.” I was able to stop by on my lunch break to chat a bit with the brewers (GoodLife’s Curt Plants and new assistant brewer Jeff Schauland, and Worthy’s Chad Kennedy) and grab a few pictures. The local TV news was there in the morning and has … Continue reading →

Worthy Brewing progress, March 2012

Last month, prior to the official Worthy Brewing groundbreaking, I posted a couple of pictures of the land the new brewery and beer garden (and more) would be inhabiting. I thought it might be interesting to post occasional pictures of the construction progress, so a few days ago I went out and grabbed a couple more, in roughly the same locations from where I took the first pictures. Yes, it’s just construction right now, there … Continue reading →