Unusual Beer Week: Saison du BUFF

Individually, any beer from both Stone Brewing and Dogfish Head could very likely qualify as an “unusual” beer. And I would easily call any of the collaboration brews Stone participates in unusual. So when Stone, Dogfish, and Victory Brewing all collaborated earlier this year—you know the resulting beer, Saison du … Continue reading


Last year, Stone Brewing teamed up with Scotland’s BrewDog to brew up a collaboration beer, and Bashah was the result: a “Black Belgian Double IPA” (how’s that for a style designation?) that weighs in at 8.6% alcohol by volume. (Yes, this was last year’s beer—this is a review from February … Continue reading

Stone’s latest collaboration

When I posted my interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, mention was made of upcoming collaboration brews Stone was spearheading. This month it’s with 21st Amendment Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing, and the Stone Blog has a good writeup of what was brewed and the overall process: Shaun O’Sullivan … Continue reading

The Greg Koch chat… “liner notes”

As promised, here are some additional bits about my meeting/interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. Call them “liner notes” or “special features” or something. Anyone who’s had a Stone beer is familiar with the text on the labeling—the paragraph of text first made famous on the Arrogant Bastard bottle … Continue reading

Hop Press: Talking with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing

My article today over on Hop Press is the write-up of my visit with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing last week. He’s a really cool guy, and had no problems about meeting with me—which is awfully generous for the busy CEO of a big company. I’ll be posting some “liner … Continue reading

09.09.09 Vertical Epic Ale

Since today is 09/09/09, the day for the release of Stone Brewing‘s latest Vertical Epic Ale, I cracked open the bottle they sent me this evening to enjoy and review. This is one of those beers where the old notions of style are questioned and tested. (Something increasingly common with … Continue reading

Received: Stone Vertical Epic 09.09.09

It’s the week for getting beer: today I received a bottle of Stone Brewing‘s latest once-yearly masterpiece, Vertical Epic 09.09.09. It’s so-named because the official release is on September 9th; the “Vertical Epic” part comes from the overall scheme: since 2002, Stone has released a Vertical Epic on the month, … Continue reading

Stone Brewing, 2009 version

I first visited—and wrote about—Stone Brewing two years ago, back when their World Bistro & Gardens was still fairly new. New enough, in fact, that the “Gardens” part of that name was still just-planted and a bit under-landscaped (as you can tell from my pictures last year). This time around, … Continue reading