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Stone, Elysian, Bruery pumpkin beer collaboration

Stone Brewing is heading up another collaboration beer, this time with Elysian Brewing and The Bruery, and what caught my eye about this particular brew is that it’s a pumpkin beer (of course!). Dick Cantwell of Elysian spills the details about it on the Elysian blog: The boys from the Bruery were a great addition to the scheme, suggesting using yams and fenugreek in the beer. Apparently they use fenugreek in their Autumn Maple beer, … Continue reading →

The Session #51.5: Beer and cheese redux

This month has seen the most interactive and detailed Session to date, as host Jay Brooks chose the subject of cheese (more specifically beer and cheese together) to write about, selecting three types of cheeses to pair with beer and write about the pairings. And then he went the extra mile, with a “half Session” two weeks later: The idea was to use the list of beers chosen by everybody for each of the three … Continue reading →

Stone Lukcy Basartd Ale

No, that is not a typo in the title—it’s much harder to misspell correctly! Stone Brewing offered up Lukcy Basartd Ale this past November as a one-time release, celebrating 13 years of Arrogant Bastard (a blend of Arrogant and Double Bastard, apparently). They decided to get clever on the packaging, scrambling up the letters in the way that are still readable: the first and last letters are in the right place, but the rest for … Continue reading →

Barleywine Week: Stone Old Guardian (2010)

You can’t really talk about Barleywines without talking about another San Diego standard: Stone Old Guardian. I first reviewed this back in 2007, and it’s interesting to note that each year’s vintage has a slightly different alcohol content: the 2007 was 11.26%, while this 2010 bottle indicates 11.1%. And the 2011 edition, according to their site, will be 11.3%. Simply put: Old Guardian is one of the best American Barleywines out there. I guarantee that … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2010: Day 7: Nøgne Ø/Jolly Pumpkin/Stone Special Holiday Ale

Today’s pick comes from fellow Hop Press blogger Carla Companion: The Beer Babe. Carla selected the Special Holiday Ale collaboration brew from Nøgne Ø, Jolly Pumpkin, and Stone Brewing, an 8.5% ABV beer brewed with chestnuts, white sage, juniper berries, and caraway seed. It pours with a really creamy head that stays for a while and seeped out of the bottle when I was first trying to open it…. The smell was at first vaguely … Continue reading →