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CBC Events: Cascade Sour and Wild Invitational

Kicking off today and running all week during the Craft Brewers Conference is Cascade Brewing‘s Sour and Wild Invitational taking place at their Barrel House in southeast Portland. Each day from the 14th through the 18th from 3pm to closing, the Barrel House will feature pours of amazing sour and wild beers not only from Cascade but from a large number of guest breweries! Since it’s running all week there’s really no excuse not to … Continue reading →

Kick, Pumpkin and Cranberry Ale

Kick is a collaboration pumpkin ale from Elysian Brewing and New Belgium Brewing and is released under New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series—and as such it is more than just another pumpkin beer. It is, in fact, a pumpkin and cranberry sour ale, 8.5% alcohol by volume, blended with wood-aged beer so that 75% is the pumpkin cranberry, and 25% is the wood-aged sour. Understandably, it is one of the most unusual pumpkin beers I’ve … Continue reading →

Updates to the Sour Beer Session roundup

I’ve posted a couple of updates to my roundup of this month’s Sour Beer Session; in particular since it was first published I added links to The Tale of the Ale and A Beer in Hand, plus corrected a missing link from Ramblings of a Beer Runner. Go check ’em out, they’re good posts.

The Session Sour Beer round-up

I enjoyed reading The Session contributions this month, I thought it was a successful outing into the world of Sour Beers and I liked the breadth of the posts that came through. In all right now it looks like we have 18 19 contributing sites, though it’s possible I might have missed some and I’ll update this roundup accordingly if so. Update: I missed one! Of course I wrote about The Dissident, my local Deschutes … Continue reading →

The Session #54: Sour Beer

It’s the first Friday of the month so that means it’s time (in the beer blogging world) for The Session: a collaborative beer blogging experience where bloggers around the web write with a common theme in mind, with all of these posts compiled into an inclusive roundup for your reading enjoyment. This month I had the honor hosting The Session (again; my first time hosting was back in February of 2008) and I selected a … Continue reading →