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Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 21: Solstice Winter Schnocker

Today is the Winter Solstice, the day in the Northern Hemisphere that is the shortest day and longest night of the year. (As a bonus to the astronomical significance of the day, it’s also the new moon.) To observe and commemorate the day I thought I’d select a beer from a relative newcomer to the beer world, based in Prineville here in Central Oregon: Solstice Brewing. For the winter season they brew a strong ale … Continue reading →

Checking out Solstice Brewing (Prineville)

Several weeks ago my wife and I finally made the trek out to Prineville in the heart of Central Oregon (true story; Prineville was the region’s “metropolis” over a century ago) to check out Solstice Brewing, Prineville’s one-and-only brewpub. Though open for a about a year and a half now, they’ve only been brewing their own beers in-house for a few months, so with a free weekend we decided it was time to visit. The … Continue reading →

Central Oregon brewery news

Two interesting pieces of brewery news from around Central Oregon for you today: First: The as-yet-to-open Noble Brewing is changing their name to “Good Life Brewing.” Word has it that they were sued—or perhaps only threatened with a lawsuit, I’m not sure—by a California brewery that already claims “Noble” for their name (my guess is Noble Ale Works out of Anaheim). It wouldn’t surprise me if this has been a cause of the delays in … Continue reading →